Tue. Feb 25th, 2020

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RONIN NEWS is Pakistan’s first private internet news station that gives live transmission all the while from five urban areas of Pakistan: Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Quetta, and Peshawar.

Having confidence in the way of thinking of fair announcing in a moral and mindful way, RONIN NEWS throughout the years has been bringing genuine news and nonpartisan current issues editorial with no political association/s or concealed plan. Among the absolute greatest names in news coverage alongside a mechanically propelled foundation, RONIN NEWS has a broad system of journalists both inside the nation and outside Pakistan with cutting edge studios and linkup offices in the government and commonplace capitals where RONIN NEWS expert and experienced group guarantees convenient broadcast of data in a precise way nonstop.

RONIN NEWS live news notices, sharp political syndicated programs and a wide scope of projects including sports, social issues, and infotainment have empowered it to situate itself among the top-level news and current undertakings channels of Pakistan.

RONIN likewise happens to be the main channel chipping away at inventive news coverage activities that incorporates client produced content through its RONIN NEWS (www.roninnews.com) resident news-casting stage which empowers the regular man to take a dynamic part in imparting remarkable news and substance to the world. Simultaneously, innovation assembly through ‘Breaking News Alerts’ on phones is one of the key activities from RONIN NEWS to keep ON the GO individuals fully informed regarding the most recent happenings in the most helpful, proficient and auspicious way. Over the time of years, RONIN NEWS dependable, precise and brief announcing has made it the voice of Pakistani individuals and has earned it gigantic acknowledgment and various national and global honors of the most elevated honesty to add to its surprising validity as a mindful media element.

RONIN NEWS tries to keep bringing more extensive, more astute, unprejudiced news and free surveys through its to a great extent refreshing news and projects to its watchers.

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