Wed. Feb 26th, 2020

Food Fraud – Part 1 – What is Food Fraud?

Food plays an integral part in your life. Whatever you intake, it directly affects your health. Hence, every individual is quite conscious of the food they have. Then comes a term called food fraud that ruins the concept of healthy food intake for everybody. 

What is Food Fraud?

Food fraud refers to the phenomenon of intentional misleading about a food item to the customer for financial or economic gain. Mostly, we check the labels of food items to inspect the ingredients used in the item itself. But if the labeling misrepresents the components of the item, you will never know if there is a harmful element in it. This will lead to sickness among the public and other serious problems. 

Food fraud may be instigated at any point in the chain of supply from farm to plate. May that be a fraud in the ingredients, raw materials, or in the outcome, it can result in extremely harmful conditions for all. 

There have been quite many situations in the past that have evidently encountered some serious food frauds. Those events have made it responsibility for individuals related to food science, that each production company must be inspected properly to prevent food fraud. To explore the field of food science, check out our blog “What is Food Science?” Hope this article has helped you in fully comprehending the term.